Business FAQ

What is Sphere?

Sphere is a new startup that automatically schedules social events between friends based on mutual interests and availabilities. When we schedule these social events, we determine who attends, when, and where—and that’s where you come in! We will automatically send customers to your business every week: just sign up, input your business category, your opening hours, and the maximum number of customers we should send to your business.

I already have enough customers, why should I sign up?

When you sign up, you can specify hours of the day or days of the week when you would like us to send customers to your business. Even if you have a lot of customers, you can use Sphere to increase traffic when business is slower. As a result, you can reduce the inefficiency of having too much staff for these times.

I don't understand, what do you do again?

We schedule groups of friends together for events that they're interested in. For them, it's a convenient way to find times to meet for activities they like. For your business, it's an easy way to get more customers at no cost.

Am I going to end up with more customers than I can accommodate?

No. As part of the signup process, you can specify the maximum number of customers that we should send to your business for every hour of every day of the week. Just right click on a selected time block on your calendar and enter a number in the capacity field. After you've signed up, you can login to your account at any time and make any changes you'd like.

Do I have to pay anything?


Is this worth my time?

First, the signup process should take you approximately 5 minutes. Second, you only have to input your business information once, and then everything is automated. The customers that you receive from Sphere will spend just as much as your regular customers do and they'll be glad that you've accommodated them!